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Online Writing World is a website created to help you learn all that you need to become an effective content writer. As full-time professionals with a desire to earn an extra income through simple skills such as writing, we discovered that not many sites have what we are looking for.

As we searched the internet got tired of several websites that offered insufficient information on developing effective writing skills as a content writer. Several sites had great places to get jobs but not many offered the tools you need to get the jobs or thrive doing that job as an online writer. This is where we come in.

Our goal is to go deep into various content writing categories and offer you the processes, tools, and sites to start and grow your writing career, even if you have never written for profit before.

As a rule, we are committed to researching, learning, and creating simple content that you can apply immediately to make your writing better.

For starters, we are focusing on writing effective blog articles, long-form content, and transcription. With time, we shall spread out and cover a lot more categories as we grow.

And before we forget, the tips we share here are what we use to start, build and grow our own writing careers. Therefore, we are our own first clients, and more than that, once in a while, we invite new people to join our team of writers.

We hope you find our information useful in your writing journey.




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